2.5” circular TFT from Jinghua Displays

Jinghua Displays 2.5 inch circular TFT

Including 480x480dot resolution and made for portable devices, circular TFT for industry controllers or instrumentation and based on wide viewing technology.

Shenzhen Jinghua Displays, a manufacturer of display modules expands its range of TFT’s with many new special size TFT’s, for example square and rectangular shaped models and now also this circular shaped model. A lot of new applications with circular shape or portable battery driven are looking for circular shaped display solutions.

A cirkular color TFT’s are now available as standard. You can still make semi-custom modifications though, like on the backlight and FPC interface with relatively small NRE-cost. And we also offer possibility to add projective capacitive touch with custom made cover lenses.

The new 2.5” circular TFT J025F1NN0101 has a resolution of 480xRGBx480dots and comes in normally black mode incl wide view angles in all directions. It has a 24bit RGB interface generating 16.7M colors, with possibility also to use SPI interface. 6 white LED’s generates a typical brightness level of 450cd. The displays work in an ambient temperature of -20 to +70C. (Storage -30 to +80C) and comply with EU ROHS directive.

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