EG Electronics partners with Bi-Search International to introduce Transparent OLED Technology to European Market

10 October 2022 – EG Electronics, a specialist electronics technology solution provider of automation, energy, smart cities and industrial IoT applications,  has partnered with Bi-Search International to expand their Lusid Transparent OLED display offering across the entire European Market.

As an early adopter of LG Display’s T.OLED (Transparent OLED), Bi-Search International has acquired extensive experience and know-how related to the design, integration and testing of Transparent OLEDs for custom products. Lusid is a completely see-through interactive touchscreen, even when switched off. This enables the display to be used in a variety of settings without blocking light or obscuring a view.

Bi-Search International

Through this partnership with EG Electronics they hope to expand their market reach and incorporate their Transparent OLED technology into everyday products.

This partnership will enable organisations operating in a huge range of industries to access this transformative technology. As every industry is looking towards digital transformation, this innovation could not come at a better time.

Commenting on the partnership, Christer Stenqvist, Business Unit Manager at EG Electronic Display and Systems said; “As digital transformation drives the fourth industrial revolution our partnership with Bi-Search International means our customers can embrace this technology to bring spaces to life and with zero compromise on design or functionality.”

For more information on the Lusid Transparent OLED Display, click here 

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