Engineering Product Development Solutions

Engineering companies require a technology partner who can fully understand their objectives and serve as an extension of their team by offering the best technology solutions for their applications and success during the product design process.

Product Development Challenges and Opportunities

The product development cycle is often challenged by external factors such as costs, economic changes, new technologies and competitor influence. Choosing the right team, designing a product architecture that works, and managing complex supply chains are other challenges. To succeed in an environment that is constantly changing, engineers must make timely decisions and invest in new, future-proof technologies.

The value we add
  • A global network of technology providers
  • Knowledge of available solutions
  • Customised solutions for your specific needs
  • A shorter design time can be achieved
  • Continuity of supply and longevity of products

Your expert product development partner

From components to complete computer solutions, we ensure long-term access to critical products for engineering teams. Through our product range, which consists of rugged hardware components, innovative IIoT solutions, embedded systems and HMI, we enable rapid time-to-market for new products by guiding our customers to the right products for their operational needs.

We help engineering teams meet and exceed customer expectations. Our carefully selected partners provide us with the capability and expertise to source the right components or systems for your specific requirements.

The 5 Stages of Product Development

01. Feasibility

In the feasibility stage, we can source the right products from our global network of partners, offering the best technology for today and in the future.

02. Planning

You can win more customers through our guidance on verification and validation plans during the planning stage.

03. Design

By offering the right solutions for your applications, our knowledge and expertise can help you reduce design time.

04. Approval & Certification

During the approval stage, we can provide subsystem pre-approvals to help you simplify your EN certification and EMC approvals process.

05. Production

End of Life (EOL) and Product/Process Change Notification (PCN) services are available from us.

Our Solutions

Embedded Computers

Depending on your requirements, we can guide you to the best solution in terms of footprint, performance, and longevity.


We offer displays for all kinds of industries. You can save time by telling us what you need, and we’ll help you design smarter products.


Using IIoT technology, we can help you collect, exchange, and analyse data to make your solutions more efficient and cost effective.

Memory and Storage

Depending on your requirements, we can guide you to the best solution in terms of footprint, performance, and longevity.

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