Industrial Raspberry-PI for demanding applications

Industrial rasperry-pi Kontron Pixtend rasperry-pi

Our industrial Raspberry-PI offer has grown with Kontron’s acquisition of PiXtend® brand.

The PiXtend® portfolio includes the PiXtend® V2-L- and PiXtend® V2-S- control boards, with lot of digital and analog channels and interfaces, based on a powerful Raspberry Pi 3B+ single-board computer. They can be programmed in programming languages such as C or Python and are suitable for the use of the soft PLC CODESYS®.

The boards are complemented by PiXtend® eIO, an I/O expansion system for digital and analog sensors and actuators that can be connected via Modbus.

Kontron also offer PiTron CM3+ baseboard and KBox A-330-RPI which both utilize the long-term available Raspberry-PI CM3+ module. They are ideal for applications within Human-Machine Interface, Industrial Communication, M2M (machine-to-machine), Building Automation, POS displays, Infotainment/Entertainment and Portable Systems.

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