Introducing the Lusid Transparent OLED Display from Bi-Search International


The Lusid Transparent OLED display is a new product from our partner Bi-Search International. It is a completely see-through interactive touchscreen. Use your Lusid monitor like any other display monitor, and when not in use, it becomes fully transparent glass.


The Transparent OLED Display is completely see-through, even when switched off. This allows the display to be used in a variety of settings, without blocking the flow of light or obscuring your view. The screen can be used amazingly well for applications such as an indoor window and can merge seamlessly with your interior design.

The Lusid display features 10-point touch capability, giving you full control of your content. It also has several installation hardware options, including leg stands for use on a tabletop or shelf, window frame mounting hinges and wall installation. This ensures easy installation in any environment.


The Lusid Transparent OLED Display has a huge range of potential functions and can be installed in many different environments.

The display could be used in an office setting, allowing collaborative, creative work without compromising on style. It can also be used for dynamic advertising and information in a retail or showroom setting, offering the opportunity to utilise windows and display cabinets to communicate with customers.

They could also be used in domestic settings, providing the opportunity to highlight information or imagery, and command attention when they are needed, but blend into the background when not in use.


In addition to the commercial off-the-shelf LUSID transparent display, the product can also be customised to suit your individual needs.

If you or your company are interested in using the Lusid Transparent OLED Display, get in touch today.

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