Kontron KBox A-330 Family Expands Controller and Gateway Portfolio for Cost-Sensitive Applications

Kontron KBox A-330

Kontron launched two new industrial computers, the KBox A-330-RPI and KBox A-330-MX6, specifically designed for cost-sensitive control and gateway applications.

KBox A-330-RPI

The KBox A-330-RPI is based on the long-term available Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3+ and can therefore use the huge software pool of the Raspberry Pi community. Equipped with a Broadcom®BCM2837 Quad Core Arm® processor.

The KBox A-330-RPI is compatible with the established Raspberry Pi standards and has been enhanced with industrial features. It thereby supports developers creating applications for demanding and harsh industrial environments.

KBox A-330-MX6

The new KBox A-330-MX6 differs from the KBox A-330-RPI primarily by the Dual Core i.MX6 processor from NXP, which is, like the Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3+, long term available. In addition, the variant based on the NXP processor optionally offers additional industrial protocol stacks such as EtherCAT, PROFINET, Modbus and CANopen to enable customers to easily integrate control software.

Both KBox A-330 variants operate fanless and are designed for industrial control and gateway tasks in control cabinets due to their slim design and the possibility of DIN rail mounting. Two Fast Ethernet ports, RS232, RS485 or CAN and four I/O ports are available as interfaces. A powerful user interface can be operated during commissioning or in the target application via two USB channels and an HDMI connection.

With the KBox A-330 family Kontron offers an industrial grade platform that enables connection to various communication levels, serves as a gateway for IoT applications and can integrate sensors and actuators.

As operating system Kontron offers Yocto Linux for the KBox A-330-MX6 and Raspbian for the KBox A-330-RPI. On a project basis, applications are realizable that include advanced security features such as secure authentication and data encryption that go beyond normal security requirements.

In conjunction with the modular IoT software framework SUSiEtec from Kontron’s sister company S&T Technologies, any applications and cloud solutions on the market – from sensors to edge computers to private or public clouds –  can also be connected and supported to develop IoT applications or establish new business models.

KBox A-330-RPI

Compact Industrial Box PC based on Raspberry Pi for the Top Hat Rail – For Control & Gateway Applications 

  • Based on BROADCOM BCM2837B0 Quad Core Arm® A53 processor / Raspberry Pi Module CM3+ 
  • Supported by huge community based open source software pool 
  • Fanless compact design for DIN rail, ideal for control cabinet applications 
  • Industrial grade, 8+ years availability

Download Product Data Sheet A330-RPI

KBox A-330-MX6

Compact Industrial Box PC for the Top Hat Rail – For Control & Gateway Applications

  • Based on NXP i.MX6 Dual Core™ Arm® processor 
  • Industrial grade, 10 years availability 
  • Fanless compact design for DIN rail, ideal for control cabinet applications 
  • Optionally CODESYS PLC, EtherCAT, PROFINET, Modbus, CANopen 
  • Secure software stacks and management software on project request

Download Product Data Sheet A330-MX6

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