Memory for Harsh Environments

When it comes to mission-critical applications in harsh environments, we provide secure memory modules from Transcend that perform effectively and work continuously under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, altitude, shock, and vibration, delivering the highest degree of reliability, performance, and security possible.

Embedded Technologies


Through a wide range of technologies, including 112-layer 3D NAND Flash, Early Move, SLC Mode, 96-layer 3D NAND Flash, Over Provisioning, Read Disturbance, Garbage Collection, Wear Leveling, TRIM and Bad Block Management, durability, storage, performance and optimisation can be achieved.

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The following reliability features are included to protect against harsh environments and deliver high performance: conformal coating, corner bond, underfill, extended temperature operation and wide temperature operation, dynamic thermal throttling, thermal sensors and anti-sulfur technology.

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We offer hardware-based AES encryption on several SSD models in the 2.5”, M.2, and mSATA form factors for applications that handle sensitive data or require increased data security. SATA III SSD models can be equipped with a hardware purge function to erase data securely and quickly. TCG Opal 2.0 standards apply to SSDs.

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For stability, our SSDs with DRAM cache employ Power Loss Protection (PLP) to ensure the integrity of data in the event of a sudden power outage. Power Shield (PS) is a basic technology supported by all Transcend’s embedded SSDs to prevent internal NAND flash data loss in the event of a sudden power outage.

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Applications for embedded systems


Military applications are among the most demanding industries, requiring utmost reliability, stability, and security. Devices used in military applications must withstand shocks and vibrations and endure extremities of temperature, humidity, and altitude.

Offshore Oil and Gas

To improve operational safety offshore, enhance oil and gas production levels, reduce maintenance requirements and prevent operational disruptions, high-performing, secure and ruggedised embedded systems and memory modules are essential.

Aerospace and Defense

In order to ensure operational safety, embedded technology on board aircraft, spaceships, weapons systems and defense equipment must be designed to withstand extreme conditions without any loss of function, especially in extreme temperatures.

Maritime Transport

The challenging and hazardous conditions found in maritime environments require embedded systems to be reliable and low maintenance and operate continuously under critical conditions, including shock, vibration and a wide range of temperatures.

Is your memory in need of an embedded system?

For customers who operate under extremely challenging conditions, EG Electronics’ Displays and Systems provide tailor-made embedded systems. We help our customers choose the right products for their operational environment, offering a smooth transormation.

Through our partnerships with global leaders, we offer a range of embedded solutions. In addition to this, we have the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to customise our solutions to meet your technical, environmental, and business neers for smart and future-proof operations.

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