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We supply high quality products and tailored solutions that match the specific needs of OEM’s and Machine Builders. Our expertise and broad network of leading component manufacturers, make us a reliable partner ready to assist you in the vital digital transformation to smart manufacturing, including the latest technology within IIoT, HMI and embedded solutions.

The digitalisation and Opportunities

Machine builders and operators have the same needs as other industries, when it comes to streamlining processes, increasing efficiency and developing new sources of income. The transformation comes with challenges, such as integrating processes, people and smart technology. But it also offers opportunities, such as increased flexibility and agility to respond in real-time to problems, maintenance needs or changes in customers’ demands. Strengthen your position by adopting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), edge computing, cloud computing and connectivity.

Benefits of Digitalisation
  • Automatic monitoring and access to real-time data
  • Increased operational efficiency with digital solutions
  • Optimised processes and reduced costs
  • Minimised downtime through predictive maintenance
  • Agility to meet changing customer needs
  • Development of new business models and sources of income

Reliable solutions paired with front-edge expertise

We offer products and solutions on all levels, from components to complete computer solutionsm securing long-term access to critical products for OEMs and machine builders. Our product range spans from rugged hardware to innovative IIoT solutions, embedded systems and HMI technology, where we guide our customers to the right products for their operational environment, enabling fast time-to-market for their innovative machines.

We hope OEMs and machine builders achieve their digital transformation goals and deliver better customer service, resulting in increased revenue. With our carefully selected partners, we have the capability to find and put together the exact right components or systems, based on your specific requirements. We often present 2-4 alternative options, and customise our solutions to meet your exact technical environmental, and business needs, including optimised longevity.

Our Solutions


We offer displays for all kinds of industries. Save time by telling us what you need, and we will help you build smarter machines.

Embedded Solutions

Our embedded solutions are built to operate under the toughest conditions, from intense vibrations to extremely low or high temperatures, wet or dust, outdoor or indoor environments.

IIoT Solutions

Future-proof your business with industry 4.0/IIoT initiatives – take connectivity and remote monitoring to the next level with networking tools from our extensive selection.

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