POS Solution with printer, display & tablet

Very compact & sturdy design to combine our RP-F10 printer, DSP-A01 display and any tablet to a smart POS printer solution from Seiko Instruments. 

  •  Unique minimalist design
  •  Fits all tablets, supporting landscape or portrait mode
  •  Very sturdy construction
  •  Anti-theft hole to secure tablet/printer via a Kensington lock
  •  Spacing for RP-F10 printer with cable management
  •  Possibility to incorporate customer TFT display DSP-A01

The Universal tablet/printer stand can combine our RP-F10 POS Printer, our customer TFT-display DSP-A01 and a commercially available tablet in a very small footprint offering a smart POS solution for your customers.

This very robust and unique construction is the compact solution for all tablet/POS systems. It includes an integrated cable management and a holder for all common tablets which supports landscape or portrait mode. Equipped with a hole to secure the tablet/printer via a Kensington lock.


Seiko Instruments

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