TFT Displays

EG Electronics offers a broad range of industrial and PID TFT displays  from 1” up to 110″ from many of the leading suppliers.

Our TFT line-up is characterized by long production lifetime, extended temperature range, backward compatibility and high flexibility for customization.

Many panels can be used in Landscape & Portrait orientation and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor application.

Various enhancements can be added to a standard panel:

  • Coating – anti-reflective, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint
  • Bonding – vandal proof protection glass, resistive or PCAP touch with standard or customized cover glass
  • Backlight – high brightness, improved lifetime
  • Interface – Connector and pinout modified to fit

With our long experience within display technologies and deep knowledge of the demands in a wide variety of applications and environments you can trust that we will bring you a panel tailored to fit your needs.

We also offer a wide range of controller boards, touch screen and embedded computers which can drive these displays as customized mechanics PID monitors; front cover, casing/housing, ceiling mount and wall mount.

MWT M2M replace Mitsubishi TFT