Available with many different embedded CPUs from Intel, AMD and NXP iMX-series.


Motherboard CAPA 3.5

3.5″ CAPA

Created in an architecture of low power consumption with reliability required for various applications in rugged environments.

Motherboards ATX IMB520


(305 x 244 mm) 

Ideal platforms for applications in digital video recorder, POS system, intelligent transportation system, multi-media center and more.

Motherboards Micro ATX MMB501


(244 x 244 mm)

Suited for space and cost sensitive applications.

Motherboards Mini ITX MANO315


(170x 170 mm)

Provides greater flexibility for applications in which compact size and power-efficiency are required, such as kiosks, POS, lottery machines, gaming systems, factory automation, DSA, and more

Motherboards Nano ITX NANO840


(120 x 120 mm)

Designed as a high integrated native x86 embedded platform.

Targeted at the fast-emerging embedded markets, allowing developers to highly customize their system designs in the low-profile and fully-configured embedded devices

Motherboards Pico ITX PICO318


(100 x 72 mm)

World’s smallest x86 embedded board.

Ultra compact yet highly integrated platforms that deliver excellent computing performance at remarkably low power consumption.

For car PCs, in-flight entertainment systems, industrial automation systems and even portable devices