Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

There’s no doubt that cities have a key role in the transformation to a sustainable future, economically and environmentally. To develop what we call the smart city, governmental organisations and community service providers need to optimise energy efficiency and minimise the use of common resources. The technological advancements within digitalisation and connectivity are important to enable smart city development. We are at the front line to serve manufacturers and suppliers of smart city solutions with reliable, futureproof products on all levels of complexity.

Building the Smart City – challenges and opportunities

The welfare in our society faces urgent challenges such as increasing costs and demands to reduce climate impact. Digital transformation is a vital part of solving this equation, by integrating data collection, ICT and IoT connectivity with various devices and infrastructure to optimise and streamline community operations and services. Allowing for real-time response, predictive maintenance and AI calculations to find the best possible way to do things, smart city applications enable more efficient management of energy, light and ventilation in buildings, transport and traffic systems and water supply networks, waste collection, crime detection and information systems.

Besides the reduction in costs, resource consumption and environmental impact, smart city solutions also have the power to increase the quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, and enhance the contact between citizens and the government.

Benefits of Smart City Technology
  • Data-driven decision making, based on reality
  • Predictive maintenance and improved infrastructure with less costs
  • More money to the heart of the welfare
  • Safer and more sustainable cities
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved transportation services and traffic flow
  • Increased citizen engagement and digital equity
  • Increased workforce engagement

EG Electronics - Supplying the technology for a smart future

EG Electronics’ Displays and Systems provides a wide range of solutions for companies and manufacturers that create, build, programme and connect the final solutions for smart city development. We offer state-of-the-art technology together with espertise to help you put together the right products to fit your unique needs. From robust, user-friendly digital technology to equipment for data connectivity and machine learning — off-the-shelf or tailor-made.

How EG can help the infrastructure in Smart Cities

Smart Energy

Optimise energy efficiency with big data, automated remote monitoring and AI.

Smart Water

Use IoT technology, sensors and alarms to comprehend the water systems and deploy predictive, reduced maintenance.

Smart Transport

Improve transport efficiency through information and self-service kiosks, and manage the flow of people.

Smart Buildings

Optimise venue safety, energy usage and operational efficiency, and reassure visitors with automated occupancy counting and analytics.

Government Operations

Improve urban life with AI and data collection for smart garbage collection, transportation flows and traffic control.

Our Smart City Technology

IoT and AI Technology

Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are cornerstones to collect the data you need to improve decision-making, and enable predictive maintenance and service instead of inefficient scheduled operations. EG Electronics offers AI and Machine Learning platforms, combined with robust connectivity and remote monitoring solutions.

Interactive Kiosks and Displays

The smart city is not just about things happening ”behind the screen” – it also includes real-time, interactive public information through digital screen enclosures, interactive self-service kiosks and information displays. EG Electronics offers digital screens, displays and kiosks to match all kinds of demands on durability, quality and functionality.

Embedded Solutions

For demanding applications within areas such as energy, water and sewage, ventilation and outdoor services, we offer embedded systems that ensure high performance and robust quality that can withstand the toughest conditions; intense vibrations, extreme temperatures, wet and dust. This goes for our complete product range of embedded modules and computers, panel PCs, memory and storage.

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