12.1 super hi-bright WXGA TFT meets outdoor requirements

12.1” super hi-bright WXGA TFT

Kyocera, a leading manufacturer in the field of electronic devices, is expanding its range with a new 12.1″ super hi-bright TFT module with Advanced Wide View technology and 1000 cd/m² brightness for outdoor requirements like construction machines and tractors where the range of software menus is rapidly expanding and the work cabins are generously glazed. The ISO Bus terminals used therefore require a larger display area with high performance visibility in order to be able to display the menu legibly in all operating situations. Reflections must not interfere.

The new Kyocera 12.1” super hi-bright WXGA TFT (part number: TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN*65) has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, with outline dimensions of 277.7 mm x 182.5 mm x 9.8 mm, and an active display area of 261.1 mm x 163.2 mm. It provides brightness of 1000 cd/m2 with a contrast ratio of 750:1 and viewing angle of 170 degrees. Thanks to Kyocera’s Advanced Wide View technology, the module can be rotated either horizontally or vertically. The wide viewing angle and high contrast are retained.

It also features a LVDS interface, an operating temperature range of -30 to +80⁰C and a storage temperature range of -30 to +80⁰C. In addition, the new Kyocera display module fits well into compact product designs: no additional components are required for backlighting. The use of effective LEDs also ensures that the heat loss is greatly reduced, so that installation in a closed device is trouble-free. “Loss of heat due to bright backlight LEDs leads to service life problems in closed devices. Kyocera increased the reliability by using more effective components,” explains Eberhard Schill, Manager Marketing and Distribution at Kyocera Display Europe GmbH.

The highly effective Kyocera constant current LED driver with a dimming rate of 1 percent to 100 percent by pulse width modulation (PWM) is also integrated. In addition to the new Kyocera TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN*65 module, the compatible TCG121WXLPAPNN-AN20 with 500 cd/m² is also available for series gradation.


► TFT with advanced wide view technology

► 1000 cd/m² brightness for outdoor requirements

► 1280 x 800 pixels resolution

► Outline dimensions: 277.7 mm x 182.5 mm x 9.8 mm

► Active display area of 261.1 mm x 163.2 mm


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