XZY500 multitouch controllers enable ultra-narrow bezels

zxy500 multitouch controllers

Zytronic’s new ZXY500 multitouch controllers set new standard for multi touch experience

Zytronic, a leading manufacturer of durable and customized Projected Capacitive Touch Sensors, have launched their new generation of multitouch controller series ZXY500 supporting sensors with a diagonal of 5” to 86”.

ZXY500 multitouch controllers introduces features such as narrow bezel, improved Signal to Noise Ratio that allows the sensor to be placed closer to the display surface, up to 80 simultaneous touch points and they are only powered by 5 VDC USB power.

Sensors are optimal for outdoor and unattended applications since they can be fully protected from physical damage and work in bad weather conditions without compromising on performance. Sensors enables a faster, more responsive user experience even when users are be operating with gloved hands.

In response to the growing demand for narrow screen borders, especially in interactive video walls, the ZXY500 touch controllers allow touch sensors to be designed with substantially reduced non-active borders. For example, a 55” diagonal touch sensor can now be designed with sub 10mm borders.


► USB powered
► Reduced controller size
► Configurable up to 80 touches.
► Improved rapid touch detection and reduced latency
► Palm rejection enabled and configurable
► Windows 7, 8,10, Linux and Android plug-and-play HID support
► On board calibration storage and fully firmware upgradable
► Operation with gloved hand and on-screen water conditions
► Multiple on board configurable communication outputs – USB, Serial, I2C, SPI
► Chip set available upon request
► Pressure sensing, object recognition and virtual button firmware options available

► XY500-U-OFF-64-A for ZYBM Sensors up to 20”
► XY500-U-OFF-124-A for ZYBM Sensors up to 55”
► XY500-U-OFF-256-A for ZYBM Sensors from 55”
► XY500-U-OFF-256-A Chip Set