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AD Boards Estecom poppy

AD Boards

Wide range of AD boards supporting the TFT displays we sell. They are available with a wide range of features supporting various panels, resolutions, inputs etc.

Poppy-O II | Marigold-I | OSD & RS232 | Orchid-D | Marigold-D | Saffron

Orchid-DVGA/DVI12/24 DC2 + 2 W
Marigold-DVGA/DVI/DisplayPort12/24 DC5 + 5 W
Marigold-IVGA/HDMI/DisplayPort12/24 DC5 + 5 W
SaffronVGA/DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort12/24 DC10 + 10 W
OSD & RS323OSD Board & RS232
Surveillance board for digital signage displays

Surveillance Board

Our surveillance board Ivy is the perfect solution for customers that wants full control on their installations.

With Ivy the user will know immediately if a failure has been detected and Ivy will also indicate which part that are failing.

Thanks to Ivy the user can prove that information/content have been shown on the screen and reduce the down time for each unit.

Specifications IVY