Smart Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

For manufacturing industries that want to stay competitive, there’s no escape from the digital transformation. The shift from traditional production to modern and flexible Smart Manufacturing leads to benefits through the whole value chain; from increased flexibility and efficiency to reduced downtime and costs, through the use of IIoT, HMI and embedded systems.

Smart Manufacturing at the front line

The technological transformation to Smart Manufacturing is essential for most manufacturing industries, to stay competitive and profitable. The increasing use of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications, edge computing and real-time data monitoring enables a new level of flexibility and agility to act on operational problems, as well as changes in market or customer demands. In short, Smart Manufacturing is a key to improving resilience and efficiency, reducing costs and future-proofing your business.

Benefits through the value chain
  • Minimised downtime with automatic monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with real-time data transfer
  • Reduced costs through optimised processes
  • Maximised agility and safety
  • Staying ahead of the competition!

Tailor-made solutions for the future

EG Electronics’ Displays and Systems provides technology solutions that enable manufacturers and system integrators to accelerate their digital transformation, through innovative IIoT solutions, tailor-made embedded systems and HMI technology, we help our customers choose the right products for their operational environment, offering a smooth transformation.

Through our partnerships with global leaders, we offer a range of industrial automation hardware and software solutions. In addition to this, we have the experience, knowledge, and flexibility to customise our solutions to meet your exact technical, environmental, and business needs for smart and future-proof manufacturing.

Our Solutions

Embedded Systems

We provide heavy industries with a range of reliable and robust industrial computing solutions, capable of withstanding the toughest conditions, including extreme temperatures, dust and vibrations.

IIoT Solutions

Take full control over your equipment and processes, with IIoT solutions and industrial networking tools that enable new levels of connectivity and real-time monitoring of everything on the factory floor.


Our rugged HMIs are designed for harsh industrial environments, providing seamless connection, monitoring, and control over your manufacturing processes.

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