Bendable OLED

Wisechip, a professional manufacturer in Taiwan, providing Monochrome- and area color OLED with superior quality, recently developed three different bendable OLED’s, possible to bend with 20mm radius to better fit your curved application for example.

Available in three sizes, with yellow or white color:

  • 1.36” (128x16dot)
  • 1.71” (256x64dot)
  • 1.81” (160x32dot)

An onboard controller-IC offers SPI- or I2C interface and the flexable can easily be customized with regard to length or optimized pintable. In case of using a smokey (black colored) cover lenz, the OLED can also be supplied without its black polarizer. This would increase the brightness 2.5 times but the background color of the OLED would then also be light grayish

Bendable OLED

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