Transcend 3D TLC NAND – Full Embedded SSD Product Range

Transcend 3D TLC NAND

Transcend can now offer a full embedded SSD product range based on Transcend 3D TLC NAND flash including 2.5” SATA, M.2 and mSATA form factors.

Transcend 3D TLC NAND flash memory has performance that can rival Planar (2D) MLC NAND flash, but at a very competitive price point. The new line of industrial SSDs offers features such as Advanced Global Wear-Leveling and Block management for reliability, Advanced Garbage Collection, low-density parity check (LDPC), and other features that make for a stable, long-lasting product ready for write-intensive industrial and embedded applications.

Transcend’s 3D TLC solid-state drives are covered by Transcend’s three-year limited warranty.


As planar NAND flash technology has reached its physical scaling limits and further die shrinking would come along with decrease in reliability and higher costs, 3D NAND was developed by vertical stacking cells in several layers. 3D NAND enables us to design flash products with a better performance, higher storage capacity and improved endurance making it ideal for usage in demanding industrial applications.

TypeDensityPerformancePower ConsumptionManufacturing Process
2D NANDLowLowHighSImple
3D NANDHighHighLowComplex

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