Soap Water Resistant PCAP Touch

Soap Water resistant PCAP Touch

Water resistant PCAP touch continues to evolve and can now easily handle soap water on the surface!

As the touch screens continue to find their way to enter our daily life, touch panel makers keep taking challenge of applications which were considered impossible in the beginning. Water and ions are generally considered as capacitive touch killers because they cause false signals to the touch controller. Ions and polar molecules are present in detergents, liquid soap, shampoo, face cleaner, etc.

In response to requests for advanced applications in kitchen and bathroom, U.R.T has developed touch panels which are functional under influence of soap water. The touch panel is smart enough to tell whether there is water on the screen or not. Under normal “dry screen” conditions, the touch panel will use multi-finger input, but if there is sizable water present, it will automatically switch to single-finger touch to minimize influence of false signals. The controller can handle cover lens thickness up to 3mm.